André roux

Born on September 21st 1949
Married, two children
Creator of the Androux Consulting SARL Company in October 2012


  • Graduate engineer from Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Belfort (cession 69/73)
  • Further training at Institut d’Administration des Entreprises in Dijon
  • Speaks three languages : French, English, German


35 years of experience including 33 years in a managerial position in the Electrolux and Dometic groups among which:

  • Nine years (2001/2010) as Managing Director of Dometic Luxembourg, a company employing 200 people and part of the Electrolux Leisure division divested in 2001 by the Electrolux Group

  • Dometic S.a.r.l. develops, produces and distributes all over the world:
    • Medical appliances (refrigerators and freezers to transport and store vaccines, medicines, blood and plasma)
    • Refrigerators for the car and truck OEM
    • Food containers to transport fresh foods

  • Three years (1998/2001) as Managing Director of Electrolux Leisure in South Africa, responsible for the group of Sub-Saharan Africa, including a factory with 150 employees

  • Twelve years (86/97) as Managing Director of Electrolux Leisure in France at the Electrolux head office in Senlis

  • Two years (83/85) as Deputy Export Manager for Arthur Martin (cooking and washing appliances produced in Reims and Revin)

  • Six years (77/83) as Vacuum Cleaner Research and development Manager at the Arthur Martin Industrial Management Center in Reims

  • One year (76/77) at the Arthur Martin method department in Reims